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We are having a week of store sales leading up to Hallowe'en... with hourly Flash sales up to 70%OFF... on a variety of products new and old... some items on sale right through until midnight 31st Oct' 17 23.59 (UTC)
with FREE upgrades that are in the pipeline for the Genesis 8 figures :squee:

See ya there,

We have just posted a preview of our new creation 'Hi-Fashion - Heidi for Genesis 8 Female' over on our Facebook page she will be in-store on our very soon :D


Important information: 

Due to the numbers of fraudulent pledges I have been receiving of late... I have decided with a heavy heart to alter my 'Patrons Only' rewards... all of my full sized portraits of celebrities and the like can only be accessed via my ' LOVE MY WORK... AND WANT TO SHOW IT PACKAGE' tier, thank you for understanding *huggles* :D

Some packages have been tweaked to give you greater rewards along with the advent of new packages.


$7.50 or more per month

You will receive a brand new, never before seen head and/ or body sculpt of a real-life male fitness/ fashion model. Created in ZBrush every month. Along with all of the Model Assets I release on my

Each month I will choose a different base mesh from the following:

Genesis 8 Male
Genesis 3 Male
Genesis 2 Male
Michael 4

Others may be added to the list if enough of you guyz and gals ask for them.


$10 or more per month

Share some love for my artwork... and keep me inspired to make new renders of hot men...

... and you will receive full sized homo-erotic (non-adult) artworks throughout the month...

... along with my 2D/ 3D tricks for making awesome artworks... to help you grow into the artist you want to be :D


$15 or more per month

You will be granted EXCLUSIVE access to my (18+) along with access to the individual posts in this tier.

Your membership will include the following:

Access to my extensive galleries:

Gene Lightfoot in 3D(His official home).
Gene Lightfoot Commissions.
Realworld Hunks
Regular images of Gene getting freaky and going about his business.
Bonus images each month. As and when I have spare time.

Please note: Usernames and passwords are issued within 48hrs of your subscription. This is to allow me time to create them, as I live in the UK.

Commission Me (3D)

$60 or more per month

Like my work... want to commission me once a month... every month... for an adult or none adult piece... then this is the tier for you.

Why not have your own character(s) rendered in 3D in my unique style, each and every month.

Perfect for seeing more of my own characters as you want to see them. You get to be the director.

I really enjoy bringing 2D characters to life in 3D. it's been a hobby of mine for a number of years ;)

Commission Me (Digital Painting)

$90 or more per month

With this tier you will be able to book a six hour digital painting slot, each and every month, for the life of your subscription.

More than enough time to create a detailed portrait of your loved one, favourite celebrity or even a fantasy character.

All artworks hand painted in Photoshop. Please provide clear references, from as many angles as possible. Examples of my painted artworks can be found on my


This list of rewards was updated on:08-10-17
For those of you wanting to commission me, I have added two new ways in which you can do so, to my Patreon rewards. Available from my side menu. see here

One for digital paintings (six hour slot) and the other for quality 3D pieces.

Dimensions: 4000px X 5500px or 5500px X 4000px.
Format: PNG
Resolution: 300DPI


Vaeth - Forsaker of Life (LO-RES) by Kaos3d Boy Bear - Character Concept (LO-RES) by Kaos3d Oceca - Strength in Beauty (LO-RES) by Kaos3d
Scarlett - A Princess Bathing (LO-RES) by Kaos3d Thandie - Seductress of the Falls (LO-RES) by Kaos3d

Got a character idea you'd like to bring to life... have a celeb you've been dying to see as a fantasy character... then these slots are for you :squee:

I am offering 5 budget commissions of 6 hours a pop, rendered in Photoshop.



Do you need a photo-realistic piece to selll your project... got an eBook that needs an eye catching cover... dying to have a keep sake created of a loved one... want a favourite celeb rendered as a fantasy character... then look no further :squee:

I provide a friendly, quality service... with over 27years experience as a 2D artist... and 13years as a 3D artist...

Quality samples:

Wentworth Miller (LO-RES) by Kaos3d   Thandie - Seductress of the Falls (LO-RES) by Kaos3d   Hypnos - The Annihilator (LO-RES) by Kaos3d

For a full list of services I offer along with pricing information, please visiti my artist website

Thank you :happybounce:

Lee Bowes-Russell
Artist Name: elvenesque
Hubby and I have just finished my new artist website which now has a responsive layout. With updated artist info, such as new services I now offer (inclusive of 2D rates), prices and the ability to book me direct from the site :squee:

Hope to see you there real soon :happybounce:

I thought it would be fun to let you guyz and gals have a say in who I paint next in Photoshop... first up a list of male celebs... then I will alternate between the sexes :happybounce:


#FantasyPortraits... I was thinking of expanding apon my celebrity portrait paintings and offer a service for transforming your loved one's into fantasy characters (as paid commissions ONLY)... so if you would like to see your little monsters as angels, cherubs, elves etc... send me a :note: and I'll get you sorted :D

Check out the featured section of my gallery for quality samples :squee:

I am running a celebrity painting 'To Do' list over on Facebook... already had some interesting suggestions... if you want to put forward a celebrity for consideration, please add them here. Some will be done as ordinary portraits... while others will be transformed into fantasy characters... such as elves, demons, hags, trolls and the like...

Currently I am working on a Thandie Newton portrait set in a waterfall... still not sure if she will become a fantasy portrait... let's see what happens :happybounce:

I am submitting a steady stream of new artworks to my Hung Bucks in 3D including many new pieces featuring young Gene Lightfoot... :P

For information on how to see my artworks... both old and new please check out my Patreon... all memberships are processed within 48hours... as I live and work in the UK :squee: